Name Kyoritsu International
Established February 1, 2007
Partners Hiroshi OHKAWA(Nishiki Office)
Hirroshi YAMADA(Nagoya Office)
Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO(Kanayama Office)
Gunji KIMURA (Kanayama Office)

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Number of Staff Total of 60 excellent staff members (As of August 1 ,2012)

Offices 【Nagoya Office】
General manager:Hiroshi YAMADA
Patent Attorney : 7
Lawyer : 1
Staff with technical background : 12

【Kanayama Office】
General manager:Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO
Patent Attorney : 8
Staff with technical background : 6

【Nishiki Office】
General manager:Hiroshi OHKAWA
Patent Attorney : 2
Staff with technical background : 4

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Technical Field automobiles, automotive parts, auto supplies, electronic devices, semiconductors, rubbers, polymers,industrial machines, life-related devices, biotechnology-related products, ceramic, software,
chemicals, communication devices, communication control, precision devices, optical devices,

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